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Issue 50!

Welcome to The Mushroom Kingdom- The All-Star Series.

Just A Retro Comic, Man. Updates Mondays!

Yeah yet another hiatus

As you have noticed there was no update last monday. And that shall continue for at least most of March. Back when I said that I'd continue this comic in January, I had no idea just how much work that I would have piled up on me, whether it be school, band, writing Black Hand, or that dreaded emotion called Love and the drama that comes with it. Plus I am now taking Spanish courses online, Driver's Ed, and I'm about to start volunteer working... ugh @________@ I am completely overloaded!!!

Anyway sorry for those of you who like this comic but there's no way I'm going to be able to regularly update this at the moment...

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New Comic!

Not related to Mushroom Kingdom, but the sequel to Shadow the Hedgehog: The Original Series ( ), Shadow the Hedgehog Volume 5 (vs. the Universe) is now open, at !!! go read it. Regularly shceduled comics will update on Wednesdays!

Which brings bad news. Mondays only for Mushroom Kingdom. I'm really busy with Black Hand: The Adventures of Jackson X, and I had no idea that it would be this hard to script it lol. Sorry. I may update on fridays, for sepcial occasions, but you'll only know if you follow me on Twitter at @Thedude3445!!!

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No update Wednesday 1/26

I've been havintg WAY too much work lately, sorry. So this one will have to be skipped, and possibly Monday. srry ppl (not pplz because there's only 1 reader :P)

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So Yeah....

Remember how I said MK would be back in June? I lied. I assume that it's finally back now. Updates on Mondays and Wednesdays!

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The 2nd Season of Mushroom Kingdom starts in June. Be there for the awesome return of mindless fillers somewhat related to 8-bit games!

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The Finale

So I'll be uploading the last 8 or 9 parts today, but periodically. Some I have at school, and some at home. Hope you re-read the entire story arc first though, it may get confusing, as it's been a while since the story began (like 3 months).

In other news, I tricked the system and favorited my own comic. woot =P

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Tenth Anniversary Special

Okay, the final 8 parts to this story arc will be released all on thursday, April 1st. On that day, it's the 10th anniversary of Bob & George, the comic that started the sprite comic trend, and the second one ever. That's the day War in Blnkland: Ultra Edition is also coming out in movie form, completely made with Photoshop and Flash CS4s. I've been making it for almost 8 months now, and I'm sure you'll love it.

In other news, some of you guys favoirte the weirdest sh**. On the similar comics links, I keep seeing multi-author comics and those d**n Sonic recolor comics. STOP IT NAOW =P

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Your extremely slim chances paid off, and for the 25th comic's "celebration", you get a free comic every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday as well as on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, up until the final epic conclusion to this "Mystery Shroom" Story "Arc" on April 1st! Check back every day but Sunday!

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