is the source for all of your minimally-updated blog needs! I'll go on tangents of like 3 days in a row every other week and update or something. Meaning: I need help...Hiring contributors! But visit anyway. --------------------------------------------- has like a monthly updating schedule as well, but the forum is very active, and is celebrating its 5th anniversary in April(unless I forget to update this page for a year, then it was LAST April), with over 1700 members! Most of them inactive, of course, but you know. --------------------------------------------- updates very irregularly, but the content is great (whenever Megabots gets put back up, if it isn't already), and the small community of what, 7 members I guess, is actually active. Will most likely be the source for future Mushroom Kingdom comics eventually, if it becomes popular enough. --------------------------------------------- Spriting Resources: --------------------------------------------- Hahaha, get it? It's a great site for having near-complete rips of games, but not as many obscure or less popular games are on there. --------------------------------------------- THE site for Mario sprites. Thousands of sheets, especially in the zone of Mario & Luigi customs and Super Mario World edits (One of the most popular of which was uploaded by fellow NC member Sephiroth). I obtained probably 70% of my sprites for this comic on there. --------------------------------------------- MFGG, but in Sonic style. But seeing as how there are over 9,000 Sonic "fancomics" out there on Smackjeeves, you probably already know that. But that's a rant for another day, and the sprites on here are WAY too good to complain about. The Mecha Madness Sonic is one of my favorites out of the bunch, personally. --------------------------------------------- Not the best, because they're in single sprite form and rarely are there any meaningful updates anymore, but GSA isn't too bad in the rips category. Has some sprites that no other sites have, such as many Clay Fighter sprites that have never been made into sheets. --------------------------------------------- The Sprite Database matches TSR, nearly. Huge archive of sprites, and a much more diverse selection of them (32X sprites... !!!). But don't expect a complete rip, like ever. --------------------------------------------- This is like GSA in that it is good for archives only (I hope the site's creator is with God right now, RIP), since, well, the webmaster died. His brother never updated much, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't go there. Some of the best Megaman Zero/Semijuggalo-style sprites are there, and great rips as well. But mostly jsut for the customs. --------------------------------------------- Another rare updater, this place has a custom for everything, but it's like all in Megaman 8 style. They do have hi-quality rips, however, that not even TSR or TSD can match. Super Star Wars FTW